What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is streaming multi-media media with minimal or no storage required for network elements. It is used to deliver media content in the form of audio or video. It is typically used in communications, where speedy connections are required. Streaming is not just about the transmission, but it is also regarding the quality of the content.

Streaming หนังดังซับไทย may be paused indefinitely, fast-forwarded or rewinded without any loss in quality. Order data transferred and is not relevant unlike conventional downloads. The data is transferred and received in accordance with the network’s bandwidth and speed. Streaming Media gained popularity in the 1990’s after bandwidth improvements and modern technology helped improve network speeds.

streaming media is a form of audio and video online that’s sent via the Internet. You may choose to stream audio or video, and can play after the information has been accepted by the server. The media can be streamed either by downloading files or live streaming. It is playable on any device with the capability of streaming media, such as a smartphone or a computer.


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