Detective K Secret Of The Living Dead

Review Detective K Secret Of The Living Dead 2018 film Set in the 18th century Joseon, at the period of time where complicated political situation exists under King Jeongjo, Kim Min (famously known as Detective K) and Seo-pil team up with a beautiful vampire who has amnesia, and they discover vampire bite marks on Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (Korean: 조선명탐정: 흡혈괴마의 비밀; RR: Jo-seon-myeong-tamjeong: Heupyeolgoemaui bimil) is a 2018 South Korean action adventure comedy directed by Kim Sok-yun, starring Kim Myung-min, Oh Dal-su, Kim Ji-won and Kim Bum.

bodies. As they investigate further, they begin to realize that the vampire is somehow closely connected to the deaths. When the truth was revealed, it is known that the beautiful vampire was once a human, specifically is the Crown Princess of the past Crown Prince. The Crown Prince was murdered during a revolt set by a group of traitor which involved Kim Min’s father. In order to cover up their treason, the put the blame on the Crown Prince’s loyal henchman, Jeong In-yul (Lee Min-ki) and his father. He swore to take revenge on the traitors by killing their precious persons.


Kim Myung-min as Detective K / Kim Min
Son of Premier Kim Shin in Joseon. He was exiled from the country for being insolent to the current King while being drunk and became a detective. He is extremely arrogant and like to brags about himself.

Oh Dal-su as Seo-pil
Kim Min’s loyal friend and servant who joined him in his journey.

Kim Ji-won as Wol-young
A beautiful vampire who was awaken from her ‘slumber’ by a mysterious monk. She lost her memories and team up with Kim Min to gain her memory. It turns out that she was the Crown Princess of Joseon. In a revolt in which the Crown Prince died, she and the young prince fled the Ganghwan Building with the help of Jeong In-yul. She was bitten by a vampire and burned alive after hiding her prince in a forest. It turns out that the monk that revived her 30 years later is her prince, Sun.

Kim Bum as Cheon-moo
Kim Shin’s general who was ordered to kill the prince of the former Crown Prince, Wang Sun and retrieve the proof of the treason committed 30 years ago.

Park Geun-hyung as Kim Shin
Woo Hyun as Mr. Bang
Yoon Sang-hoon as Kim Shin (young)
Jang Yul as Choi Jae-kyung
Kim Jung-hwa as Choi Jae-hee
Lee Min-ki as Jeong In-yul


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