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6 home decorating techniques with ultimate gray and illuminating Announcing Color of the Year, Pantone, the company establishes a standard color coding system for printing jobs in the United States. Became another year-end tradition Because all the time for more than 20 years after the announcement came out immediately Such colors will dominate the home decor trend. And fashion design at once Therefore, this event has received a lot of attention and waiting from people all over the world.

Which they did not wait for long Decided to announce the color of the year 2021 has been completed.

The 2021 color of the year from Pantone, Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating Yellow (PANTONE 13-0647), is a combination of two colors that convey strength and hope. Look at it and feel good and warm.

This is to help motivate people in situations like this. Including adding to the belief that everything will be better And is an impetus to be patient and wait for the bright day to come

Not only that But both colors also show that Contrast can be combined to help support each other,

Illuminating Yellow is a bright, cheerful and vibrant yellow. While also reflecting the warmth of the sun

While Ultimate Gray is a solid, unwavering, reliable gray that conveys peace, persistence and a solid foundation.

Other than this The two colors are also a color combination that is linked with depth, innovation,

wisdom, intuition, experience and intelligence. It is said to be a color combination that will inspire

new beginnings and drive new ideas in the future.

Yellow-gray color matching techniques for home decoration
For bringing the colors of the year 2021, such as yellow and gray to decorate the house

You can do it with two colors together. And a two-color combination with another color It can also be applied in a variety of ways.

May be used as wall paint Use it as a furniture color. Use it as a color for decoration, small pieces will stand out.

Helps to make the room beautiful, chic and equally attractive. Which if anyone wants to know how to have an idea

how to use both colors to decorate the house, do not wait, let’s look at an example better

1.Yellow-gray against the walls

For the walls of the house with a layer that can be painted with a level color.

It is recommended to paint one wall in gray. The other side is yellow, it looks easy to say,

just that it helps the house look modern, playful, and has a lot of dimension.

2.Yellow-gray with the walls and decorations

Another easy and equally cool method is to paint a wall with a specific color.

Then find decorations such as cloth covers, small tables, picture frames, or wall decorations

Another color to decorate Now the room will now have an annual color theme.

3.Yellow-gray color with sofa

Easy home decorating ideas that match the color of the year, just find a gray or yellow

sofa to pair with another gray or yellow cushion or cover that is different from the color of the sofa.

This is already amazing.

4. Yellow-gray with the dining room.

The dining room is another room that can be used in yellow and gray for decoration such as

choosing a beautiful gray top dining table. Contrasting with chairs, candlesticks, vases, bright yellow flowers that.

5.Yellow-gray color in the kitchen

For decorating the kitchen in yellow and gray. You may use a mix of both colors over the counter door.

Or maybe use one top color And can find another color decoration to decorate instead

6.Yellow-gray color in the bedroom

Finally, we use yellow and gray to decorate the bedroom. Which I must say that it is very easy

Super economical Because only one color of bedding is used Then use a pillowcase or another

color pillow Makes the room a yellow-gray color Welcome color of the year from Pantone as desired.




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