Wonder Woman

The secret you must know before going to see Wonder Woman 1984  is a female superhero movie that grossed $ 812 million worldwide.

The highest in being a female hero at the time. Before being overthrown, Marvel’s Captain Marvel (2019) earned $ 1,128 million worldwide.


1. The movie will be 2 hours and 31 minutes.
2. How has Diana’s character grown? After the first movie
3.Wearing the golden hawk armor in the poster for the first time.
4. What is the secret of the ending movie at the end of credit?
5. How did Steve Trevor get back?
6. Pedro Pascal, inspired by the villain from Nicolas Cage.
7. Mrs. Tiger, the fierce evil Cheetah, the long-time rival
8.In the 80s it was another character. So why is it this time?
9.In the pages of film history
10. Gal Gadot received 33 times the original fee before playing this part.
11. Wonder Woman may have a separate installment before Part 3.




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