How to Download Free Games on PC/ Laptop
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Free Games on PC/ LaptopHello everyone welcome to my guide and I’m here with another post tutorial for today, so today we’re going to discuss about how you can download tune games in your laptop, yeah I know most of us play those game in our Android phone or tablet but if we want to play the same game in your laptop so how did we do that. Check out my other free download blog.

Step by Step Guide to Download Games

So I came up with an video tutorial to show how you how we can do that so let’s get started alright for the O’s all the applications on his desk and at the software it’s third-parties gaming software called blue stack, which is used to play the application on your laptop or your personal computer so first you need to find this software and to install in your local device which is free you can find this from here or you can just simply choose this blue stack in the google and you’ll find the optional website then you can download the software so once you open the software page the shirts interface we can see all right is the Android and now we are looking for this particular game which is called color Suites.

Important Steps to be followed

All right once I found this game then I will install in my app player which is the blue stack for now I will just continue the whole process like I do in my mobile so it’s like 31 70 MB I’ll hope I’ll have to wait because my internet is slower alright so well the game is installed in this close tag I can simply open the game right from here then even I can play the game on the same screen at the same interface okay the game is installed and now I try to open the game yeah it will take a while to load it properly and I think it’s all you know depends upon the configuration of your laptop system hmm the better that goes the better the rim the better they speed so here it goes now the game is installed and I’m looking for different games mode or I’ll just you know hit the play yeah okay now it’s getting load again I’ll press in the sweets is the ball now the game is started and you can play anyway thank you very much.