Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming 2018
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When looking for mechanical keyboards, you are swamped with different options and it can get hard sometimes to choose the best one. Everything from key switches is art rests are to be considered when buying a keyboard. Making the choice easier for you, we bring you Razer Ornata Chroma. This keyboard has amazing membrane rubber domes that you will love. Furthermore, the keyboard switches are fully mechanical, making you enjoy every word you type.

Best Razer Mechanical Keyboard

Chroma uses the newest rubber domes instead of the traditional ones because the traditional ones often lack behind in terms of tactility. It is their mushy and soft touch that there is so little accuracy. Mechanical key switches are a better alternative since they are accurate, fast and give you the tactile feedback that you need. If you want every command of yours to be responded to as fast as possible, this Chroma keyboard is the one for you.

best mechanical keyboard for gaming 2018

Features of Razer Chroma

  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Back lighting that is easily customizable
  • Suitable for gamers
  • 10 key rollover

The keycaps on this keyboard have been customized to make them shorter. This makes it easier for you to type and makes the registration of your actions quicker. So, with this customized design, you will never miss a key while typing or playing a game.

You want to work in the dark but you do not want to turn on the light as it will disturb your roommate? Worry not. Razer Chroma has amazing lighting effects. It has in-game effects that will make the whole gaming experience even more real and fun for you. Imagine your keyboard reacting the way your game goes. Adventure at its best! There are 16.8 million color options for users who want to customize their backlights.

One of the best parts about this keyboard is the wrist rest. It is ergonomically designed to ensure that you are always comfortable whether you are typing away a document or playing a marathon. With the 10 key rollover feature, the keyboard will not miss a single command from you. Better yet, you can give ten commands at once and the keyboard will respond to all of them in the fastest and most accurate way.

When you are typing or playing, you can hear those crisp noises making you motivated to work more. It is easily portable. Simply, detach the wrist rest and pop the two in your bag.

Buying Razer Ornata Chroma

You can buy this incredible keyboard from Amazon for $88. Priced at a lower cost than many other keyboards of the sort, this keyboard is quite a good catch for anyone who needs to use a responsive and tactile keyboard on daily basis. Enjoy the comfort of the art rest and change the backlights as you want to set a mood or enjoy the task at hand.

With the responsive keys and crisp clicking noise, you will be able to work for hours without getting uncomfortable. These features make this keyboard a technological wonder and a must-have for gamers.